I’ve downloaded the app but I can’t find the app on my phone, where is it?
How can I reset my passcode if I have forgotten it?
Click the forget password below login column then verify your email address, password will send to your email
How do I turn off the alert when it is sending?
User can not turn off the alert by themselves, only when police officer close the case, then alert will be stopped automatically.
I have triggered the alert but my contacts are not receiving any messages, what does this mean?
Alert not successfully send to PDRM yet.
My contacts are receiving an alert message but are not seeing my location, what should I do?
Contacts are not allowed to view your location.
The app repeatedly crashes on my device, what should I do?
If that app crashes this means you are experiencing a bug. As Panic Button is in a Beta testing phase we expect that the app to behave incorrectly on some mobile devices. You can help us to fix these problems by reporting a bug to us here.
What if our internet connection is down, can we still send and receive alerts?
Sure, our technology ensure you send and receive alerts through channel other than internet connection.
Do your alerts identify the sender?
Yes, by default any sent alert message identifies the name and/or location of the sender and phone number.
Does ResQ button contact 999 directly?
ResQ contact PDRM command office directly.
Are there other fees in addition to your subscription fees?
No. There are no extra installation or maintenance fees. There are no hardware or server requirements for you to purchase. The subscription fee includes routine technical support and automatic product updates and enhancements.
What kind of technical and customer support do you provide?
How do I add a family member to my system?
Login to www.resq.my, update your family menbers at personal info tab.
What is the paResQnic button used for?
ResQ button is used to report any emergency situation directly to PDRM. It shorten the traditional report time by calling 999.
Are the panic buttons wireless?
W51 Panic buttton built in WiFi module allow your connection to free WiFi and save data.
Can I cancel an alert if I've activated it by mistake?
User can not turn off the alert by themselves, only when police officer close the case, then alert will be stopped automatically.
Can I transfer ResQ Button to other unregistered vehicles?
Can, after you tranfer button to other unregistered vehicles, you need to login ResQ.my to register the car plate number.
How do I place an order?
please contact our distributor Adelanto to place an order
How can I follow up on the order?
contact our service center hotline +6 07 221 8777
How do I obtain a copy of my invoice?
Invoice will deliver to u together with the button.
How long will it take for me to get delivery?
30 days.
How do I track the exact delivery status?
contact our service center hotline +6 07 221 8777
What if an item received is defective?
contact our service center hotline +6 07 221 8777
Can I return the product if I am not happy with it?
Return within 7 days.
What kind of warranty do you offer?
1 year free warranty, 2 years or 3 years extendable warranty.
Where can I take my product to get warranty repairs or service done?
contact our service center hotline +6 07 221 8777
What payment options do you offer?
Debit card, mastercard, visa and bank in.
How long will the historical data and report be stored?
1 year.
Who will have access to the data from my system?
The data and all records held about the customer or their vehicle are covered by the Data Protection Act, so there is no automatic right for anybody to ask for it or for us to pass it on.
What is your policy for false alarms?
To maintain our exceptional stolen vehicle recovery rates we depend on our customers' support and co-operation to keep false alarms to an absolute minimum. As detailed in your User Guide and in our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to charge for excessive false alarms.
Will I be able to cancel my subscription to ResQ?
Once subscribed, users are not able to cancle or terminate the service within package year.